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    Is there a database where I can search/research for (CPD) (Capabilities Production Document).


    In Jun 2011, the newly developed Capabilities Development and Tracking System (CDTM) became the repository for all capability documents - Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD), Capability Production Document (CPD), and DOTMLPF Change Recommendation (DCR). However in January 2012 users of CDTM documented complaints concerning the way capabilities documents were entered into and formatted in  the system.  This lead to "shelving" the CDTM and returning to the Knowledge Management /Decision Support database for capabilities documents.  CPDs are filed in the established (KM/DS) database.  Search techniques include query by category, key word, capability gap, etc.  Access to the KM/DS is accomplished by application through the service's agency to the Joint Staff and depends on whether a need exists for access to the database.

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