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    How will the Government accept hardware that has already been DD250'd under one part number but be returning to them with a different part number? We do plan to 1149 the DD250 GFE hardware to the contractor to do the work, the question is what form do we accept the hardware back with?


    That will depend upon the contractual requirements and/or the directions provided by the Contracting Officer.  There is not enough information provided in this Ask A Professor Question to provide an adequate response.  The statement “We do plan to 1149 the DD250 GFE hardware to the contractor to do the work” implies that a contract or a subcontract may be involved but the specific details regarding transfers and shipping are not provided.  That information should be included in the contract, subcontract, or a written agreement that provides all the specific details on how this is to be done. 


    Whenever contractors need clarification concerning the contract terms and conditions then the rules of contracting dictate that they go to the Contracting Officer.  Since I do not have access to the contract(s), modifications, special terms and conditions, any correspondence between the contractor and Government, the Contractor’s Property Management System, and other items that would impact the contractor’s performance regarding Government Property I urge you to contact your Contracting Officer, Contract Administration Office, or legal counsel in order to obtain information that is most appropriate for your situation.


    The Instructions for the Use, Completion, and Distribution of DD Form 1149 is provided at

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