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    Can a contractor request a business class or and First class to travel on official business on behalf of the Gov? Can you give me the site on JTR either support or deny such please?


    It is all in the contract.
    Contractors are NOT Government employees.  The Joint Travel Regulations are written for and apply to civilian employees of the Defense Department.  The contractors’ employees traveling under their contracts CANNOT use the JTR as the JTR contains provisions that cannot be applied to contractor’s personnel.
    If a contract contains limits on allowable travel costs, allowable cost rules for contractor’s travel and transportation allowances are usually IAW Part 31 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) (which relies in large part on each contractor’s own travel rules).  Sometimes a contract includes a special clause that addresses travel costs.  The contractor needs to speak with the contracting Officer or contracting Officer Representative if it isn’t known what rules apply to the individual contract.

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