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    Is there any specific guidance to how a SF 30 and contract narrative needs to be filled out. The release of claims found in FAR 43 says to "describe" and includes a set of paranthesis apparently for caveats to the release. The contractor failed to support pricing or justify $2,000 of a $13,000 mod, and constantly blames the sub for not producing documentation while stating delays are adding cost to the project. Should the narrative state what the government will spefically pay for in the mod?


    There are a lot of thoughts in this question but it appears that the bottom line question is how do we efficiently and clearly document the changes in work or scope and the associated costs of those changes that have been negotiated.  One should consider that the contract should reflect the scope of work and the agreed to price; while our internal supporting documentation such as a business clearance memorandum is what we use to document the pre and post negotiation positions as well as describe the changes that transpired during the communications that led to an agreement on price. 

    Standard forms contain instructions for completion, and specific circumstances may dictate some specific contract language as you found in
    FAR Part 43, however generally speaking there is no overarching guidance in the FAR/DFARS/PGI  on how to write a perfect modification as each circumstance or event stands on its own. The DFARS PGI 215.406-1 and 3 describes the requirements for documenting the negotiation.  This is where a specialist would describe costs agreed to, or not agreed to, or other issues that arose and how they were resolved during negotiation.  It is generally not desirable to use the contract vehicle to reflect every element of the negotiated price as it could result in some unintended consequences relative to responsibility.  Organizations often supplement or provide specific guidance on clearance content and format and even some contract language based on their business processes or the software used for contract writing.  Questions related to this type of supplemental guidance should be directed back to the policy department within the organization for clarification and perhaps background to better understand the intent.

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