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    Why is it so hard to obtain dummy rounds for the Arms Rooms and the weapon maintenance shops? Most of the weapons manuals requir that all weapons be fired after each major repair or use three dummy rounds to test the weapon. Also the AH64D/E helicopter requires 30mm dummy rounds for MOC. When following the local proceedures, one never receives the required dummy rounds. Is there a better more efficient way of obtaining the required dummy rounds? Thanks.


    AR 5-13 Chapter 2 provides some guidance on acquiring ammunition. Most people do not know that DDI (Dummy, Drill and Inert) also has to follow this process, and requirements need to be identified so they can be resourced. In most cases, our stockpile is depleted due to the fact that we do not identify our requirement early on, and when we need it, none is available. Remember, this is a 3-4 year process, and dummy ammunition must also be manufactured. DDI munitions should be input in to TAMIS just like training ammunition. Not sure what your "Local Procedures" are, but recommend the procedures be in line with AR 5-13 .
    Units need to identify their requirements utilizing the "Manage Requirements" module in TAMIS. Units must provide a solid justification when submitting their request (Needed for training will not suffice). Otherwise, DA will disapprove. Once authorizations are received, units would need to forecast.”
    The assets (if in the supply system) would then be shipped to/issued from the Installation ASP in the same manner as other Class V.

    I recommend working the issue through your Division G4.

    Keep in mind units will be required to place DDI assets on the commanders property book for accountability purposes as these are considered "assets not expected to be expended" per DA PAM 710-2-1 .

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