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    How can we keep track of the various Specific Actions which are completed so we can get the information expeditiously? Is there a scorecard of the actions completed, pending etc?


    OSD AT&L staff maintains an action items score card and progress for the BBPv2 actions.  These action items are being tracked and reported on a recurring basis to the Business SIG.  In addition, each DoD Component (Services and
    Agencies) are reporting their respective and applicable progress to the Business SIG.  Feeding the Component progress reports are inputs from each of the respective acquisition commands or units within those Components. 

    Frank Kendall, USD AT&L, recently published the first Performance of the Defense Acquisition System report, dated 28 June 2013 (  This report is a direct result of the Better Buying Power efforts.  In addition, DAG Chapter 3, Affordability & Life Cycle Resource Estimates update was released by DoD on 26 June 2013 to address the BBPv2 major area of Affordability.  The revised DoD Instruction 5000.2  is under final review that institutionalizes many of the initiatives introduced in BBPv1 and BBpv2.  The revised DoD 5000.2 is expected to be released in the Fall.

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