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    Is there a list of COR Training Courses which are equivalent to CLC 222 for COR training. Is the class called : Contracting Officers Representative Applications Training " allowed as an equivalent class.


    You are in luck; there is a place you can go to find equivalent COR 222 courses and there are many!  Or you could take CLC222 on-line, it is open to anyone.

    Equivalent Providers: Go to the DAU home page: then look for the tab that says "Training" and click.  Once the training page opens you will see a button on the right that says "DAU Equivalency Program" click on that and you will have the ability to search Colleges through Commercial Vendors to see if they provide/offer a COR 222 equivalent course.  The searching is real easy.

    If you want to take CLC222 on-line (self paced); from the Training page just click on the "Continuous Learning Modules" button on the left side of the page and look for CLC222.  Again, it is real easy to find. Follow the steps for registering and you should be notified within minutes you are registered and ready to take the course.

    Finally, because it's hard to tell from your e-mail address if the CPFF contract you will be working on is from the Dept of Defense.  If not, another course that may be acceptable is the Federal Acquisition Institute's FCR 201 - Contracting Officers Representative Level II Course. 

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