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    What logistics documents are required to be submitted for a MS-B ACAT IV program and the RFP/Pre-Solicitation process?


    Documents required for submission for program reviews are based on the DoD 5000 series.  While the primary logistics document is the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP), there are numerous other documents which may have logistics implications required for milestone reviews.

    The Defense Acquisition Portal available via the Defense Acquisition University homepage has several tools for identifying what actions and documents are required for various ACAT programs and milestone reviews.

    Per the Milestone Documentation Identification (MDID) tool an ACAT IV program facing a MS B decision point would be required to submit 5 statutory, 16 regulatory, and 16 business system acquisition documents. 

    However, specifically which documents would be required could be modified by the MDA and outlined in the program's Acquisition Strategy, signed by both the MDA and the program manager.

    The tool to filter and research what specific documents need to be submitted can be found at the following website:  This tool provides a listing of what documents are required as well as a brief description, references, and applicable policy when you click on the title of a specific document.

    In addition to the MDID, the DoD Integrated Product Support Implementation Roadmap found at the following link may be helpful.

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