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    Where can I find a history of contingency contracting missions over the past 10 years that includes year, location, type of mission, and the agency/unit that supported the mission)


    Not really an “Ask a Professor” question.  Yet, I applaud your commitment to learn more about Contingency Contracting experiences and to develop a solid deployment kit, so I’ll give it a shot.
    Although one probably exists; DAU is not aware of who or where any single database, source or other repository that contains a history of contingency contracting missions and the units which supported them.  There have been military operation contingencies (GWOT-Iraq/Afghanistan, horn of Africa and other Southwest Asia countries), military operations other than war contingencies (JSOTF-P), natural disaster response contingencies (Katrina, Haiti, Pacific Tsunami, Japanese earthquake, etc.) and numerous exercises and military advisor missions which contained elements of contingency contracting.
    A good place to research is located on DAU’s very own Contingency Contracting Community of Practice – After Action Report repository.  Access can be requested at the following URL: (note you will need a CAC to access or request a user name and password). They are sorted by country not mission or operation yet contain lessons learned, accounts of experiences, and other pertinent information.
    The Air Force FAR Supplement (AFFARS) Appendix CC (CC-302 MPCC-302(a)) contains an excellent resource for identifying deployment kit contents.  In addition, all DoD organizations and Federal Agencies are required to maintain continuity of operations plans (CCOP).  Those related to contracting often identify the contents (and associated justification) of contingency contracting deployment kits.

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