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    Can I issue an unpriced BPA? If not, where in the FAR does it specify that a BPA has to be priced?


    In accordance with
    FAR 13.303-2 Establishment of BPAs  (a) (1) The following are circumstances under which contracting officers may establish BPAs:
      (1) There is a wide variety of items in a broad class of supplies or services that are generally purchased, but the exact items, quantities, and delivery requirements are not known in advance and may vary considerably.
      This reference indicates a "wide variety of items" along with "a broad class of services."  It seems a reasonable intrepretation that one would NOT be able to have advance prices for the various services such as your organization will require. One should ensure there are limits on dollars being obligated, and recommend an written advance estimate is provided prior to "contracting" for each of the services.  
      Recommend reviewing FAR 13.303 for other considerations and compliance.

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