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    I know that both these forms are used for multiple actions but can you use them to cross over from an amendment document to a Contract Document?


    The SF 30 is used for both “amendments” to solicitations and “modifications” to contracts.  The SF 1449 is also used for both the “solicitation” and “award” document(s) cover page, however due to the design of the SF 1449 the solicitation package cannot be used as both the solicitation and award package (you need to create a “new” SF 1449). 

    Therefore the “amendments” represented in the solicitation should become a part of the “new” SF 1449 award document package in the appropriate place, this is because an amendment to a solicitation is NOT a contract modification so it is administratively incorrect (or at least confusing) to include them in the award document on an SF 30.  The contract is probably “legal” if both parties understand what was done. 

    NOTE:  The VA FAR supplement (VAAR) doesn’t contain guidance on numbering contract instruments in VAAR 804; in the DoD that guidance is contained in DFARS 204.  A DoD issued SF 30 would be clearly numbered to indicate whether it is an amendment or modification.

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