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    NMCARS 5201 provides guidance on unique contracting authorities and responsibilities for the Dept of the Navy. Do I need to get delegated authority for every item/service in the contract not covered by my delegated contracting authority, even when these items/services are incidental to the primary purpose of the contract?


    Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement (NMCARS) Change 08-18, dated April 30, 2013 states that Navy contracting authority is required to be delegated if the requirement to be contracted is outside your Head of the Contracting Activity's (HCA's)  unique contracting authorities as defined in NMCARS 5201.601-90(c). 


    In this particular case, incidental or not, your HCA must request delegation of contracting authority for that effort which is under another organization's unique contracting authority.  This policy applies whether the requirement is incidental to other contract services or is a significant portion of a contract requirement. 


    For the services described in the question,

          -     Naval Supply Systems Command is the HCA for medical services.

    -     Naval Facilities Engineering Command is the HCA for maintenance services.  


    NMCARS 5201.601-90(a) and (b) define the procedures for requesting and receiving delegated contracting authority.

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