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    What clauses govern the safeguarding, return or disposal of that fuel? Is there a clause that would govern methods for assigning value to that fuel? What is a third-party fuel vendor is involved in the defueling? Would it make a difference if the third-party is a subcontractor or vendor relationship?


    I spoke with a subject matter expert from the Air Force, so the answer does have somewhat of an Air Force perspective.
    As far as value assigned to fuel, DLA-Energy: World-wide manager for DoD bulk petroleum products; established petroleum prices based on global market.
    Air Force Petroleum Agency (AFPA) Technical Division: single focal point for coordination with DLA Energy regarding fuel disposition instructions involving off-specification, contaminated, or products not meeting use limits.  I would
    suspect that each service/department has their own prescribed procedures for coordination with DLA Energy.  I would suggest contacting DLA Energy for further guidance regarding value and disposition.
    As for contractor responsibilities regarding defuel, I would have to defer to the disposition instructions written in the contract itself.
    As for the Air Force, if the fuel returned to DoD stockage is not suspected of contamination:
    a.  Technical Orders (T.O.) 42B-1-1 and T.O. 42B-1-23 allow for "one time" defuels from aircraft using in-service refuelers because filtration requirements are being me; however, "one time" defuels are not authorized using dedicated defuel units.  Additionally, the product may be issued to ground power, hush houses or returned to bulk stockage.
    b.  Additionally, fuel stored in bowsers maybe defueled as well with the following exception.  Prior to recovery, the product in the bowser must be inspected and approved by the base fuels laboratory.
    If the fuel is suspected of contamination other than water and sediment:
    a.  T.O. 42B-1-1 states to place the fuel in a holding tank or retain the product in the defuel unit.  Lock up the tank or truck to prevent usage and submit a sample to the area lab to determine suitability of use; i.e. recovering, blending or downgrading the product.
    Final authority for disposition is with the DLA Energy-Quality Assurance office via AFPA.

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