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    I am currently working on an updated APB (cost portion) for the program. I am including the new trucks, but I'm not sure if I should include only the new trailers or all of the trailers (including the old ones). I believe that since they are in seperate Increments, that the old trailers would have been covered under the old APB. On the other hand, they are all the same trailer, so they could be considered all part of the same "fleet". The trailer has no new nomenclature (like A0 to A1 as in the truck). So I understand that only including the new truck is correct. Is there any guidance out there that explains how to handle a situation like this? Have you ever encountered this before in your career? How did you hand it? Thank you in advance, Andrew Grigowski.


    An APB (Acquisition Program Baseline) "prescribes the key cost, schedule, and performance constraints in the phase succeeding the milestone for which they were developed."  Based on this definition, the APB is time related and specific to newly-developed hardware/software.  Therefore, an updated APB (cost portion) for the new truck program should include only the new trailers (not all of them including the older ones).  You are correct.  Since the old trailers  were developed under a separate increment, they should have been covered under the former APB.  It doesn't matter if they are the same trailer or whether they are considered part of the same "fleet".

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