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    What is the DoD T&E guidance/policy wrt to connecting these 2 facilities together so that a work process can be established and defined?


    The requirements for Operational Test and Evaluation separation from Developmental Test and Evaluation have to do with contractor involvement. 
    Developing contractors are not allowed to participate in Operational T&E in any way shape or form except as they would in an Operational sense.  An example of this is where a developing contractor might be providing logistics support of Field Service Representatives (FSRs) to conduct some maintenance and troubleshooting tasks as a part of normal ongoing operations.  Contractors are not allowed to influence scoring of OT events even to the extent of influencing what the criteria used for scoring are.
    Government Owned/Government Operated facilities should be able to conduct both Developmental and Operational Test.  Operational Test readiness dictates that the item undergoing test be “production representative” which means that the configuration is stable and used consistent with the operational concept.  In order to accomplish this, Operational Test Organizations will sometimes use “Mission Based Test Design” to assure that what is tested is evaluated consistent with the way it is intended to be used.
    The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation, DASD(DT&E) recently signed a memo addressing some of your concerns about Information Assurance and Cyber Testing.  Information regarding these initiatives can be found on the DASD(DT&E) website.

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