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    can we award a contract for a period of six month with an option to extend the term of the contract for another six months. can we have option year period of six months in the solicitation under FAR 52.217-7. or it is mandatpru that the option year period should be for period of one year and not lesser than that. if there is any FAR that stops us to exercise the option year for lesser period of one year, please advise us on that.


    Yes, you can award a contract with a period of performance for 6 months, with an option for 6 months. I think you meant FAR 52.217-8, option to extend services for 6 months, and yes, if you have that clause in the contract it is an ADDITIONAL option for an additional 6 months (under your original scenario that would total 18 months). You can exercise the option under FAR 217-8 more than once (say one month ata time), but you cannot exceed 6 months tolal, unless you get a deviation.
    Outside of that clause (52.217-8), options are generally exercised for the full period- so if you want to have multiple exercises of an individual option you will need to write a special clause in section H that explains what you want to do.

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