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    What is the instruction, policy that allows me to accept this material and induct into our PBL-O?


    To make sure we are on the same page, clarification regarding the acronyms is needed. By using the term "PBL-O", we assume you referring to an organic Performance Based Logistics effort, and by using "POR" we assume you are referring to a Program of Record. Also, given the general nature of your question, this initial response will be general, with some food for thought on various process options. If the assumptions are not correct, or you are in need of more specific information, request you please submit a follow-on question.
    In terms of the "left over production assets", DoD 4140.1, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management policy is very clear that reuse of assets is part of the Department's overall material management approach. Per paragraph 4.b.:
    "Resourcing for all elements of the DoD supply chain shall be optimized through collaboration between support providers and customers. DoD investment shall be sufficient throughout the life cycle of new or existing weapons systems, equipment, and major end items to respond to warfighter needs. Performance and cost evaluations of supply chain operations and inventory shall be conducted periodically with the objective of ensuring that assets are available for use or reuse in the DoD supply chain to satisfy customer requirements."
    Additionally, DoDI 4140.1R, the DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation, provides requirements regarding the use of "excess" equipment throughout. Section C51.1.2 includes the following:
    "The DoD Components shall deliver responsive, consistent, and reliable support using the best value providers and processes. They shall also use the same support and value criteria to manage: C51.1.2.1 - The positioning, requisitioning and issuing of stock, including lateral redistribution and the use of excess assets as an alternate source of supply."
    In terms of the processes to be used for the acceptance of the excess material for use in your PBL-O, it depends on what type of items they are. If they are not stock numbered, and were procured for use by a specific POR, then the issue becomes a program management one. The transfer of the assets would need to be negotiated between the POR and the PBL-O management organizations. If the items are in the supply system, it would depend on the items' Cognizant Codes. For Navy item management-specific processes, recommend you work through the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Weapons Systems Support (WSS) organization. Their homepage is as follows:

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