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    What does CORR mean? I know COR is Contractors officers Rep. COTR is Contractors officer tech rep. But what is a CORR?


    At the DoD level, there is no distinction between the terminology of COR, CORR, ACOR, COTR (a term we no longer use, nor do the civilian agencies).
    The term "COR" is generic and means anyone who has received a Letter of Designation from the contracting officer to perform contract related oversight, administration, or surveillance actions including the authority to provide technical direction or guidance.  Note: they must meet training and experience requirements before receiving the letter of designation.
    This includes QAEs, QAS, etc. who will be asked to provide guidance or direction to the contractor.  In other words... no one's duty title or position authorizes them to provide direction/guidance directly to the contractor or approve invoices for payment without a letter of designation.  In which case they would be a COR despite any other duty title they may have (this could be a PM too).

    That said, there are often times we have SMEs, QAS help with inspection, guidance, monitoring etc., etc., but if they have no authority to direct the contractor... then they do not need to be called a COR or take COR training.  The DoD Contracting Officer's Representative HDBK is an excellent resource and helps explain the description above.

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