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    1. Where is (or are) related material in which contains informaiton for me to read and I could teach myself about the Alternates I, II and more during all phases of contracing from Acquiation Plannin, Preparing Procurement Documents, Soliciation phase, etc? 2. I need to understand the material, be able to provide instrucitons and advice what Alternte is appropriate to be applied, develop curriculum and instructruct all about the Alternates. Thank you very much. Song Zobrist, Procurement Analyst, US Coast Guard Acquistion Directorate.(202) 475-3774


    Once a provision or clause is selected for inclusion in the RFQ, IFB or RFP it can be further “tailored” to meet the specifics of the procurement by the addition of “alternates.”  This avoids having multiple clauses for the same topic; therefore it has the effect of reducing the number of FAR clauses.  Some provisions/clauses have only one alternate, while other can have several possible alternates, and therefore you could have multiple “configurations” of the same basic clause.  The information on the addition of alternates is located with the prescription for each provision/clause in FAR parts 1-51.  The way each part is organized the prescriptions are usually located toward the end of each FAR part.
    Another way to quickly find the prescription for FAR clauses is to use the FAR Clause Matrix, in the grid of all the FAR clauses is a column showing the location of the prescription of each FAR clause.  The guidance on when to add them will be contained there.
    Often dollar thresholds, competition, or other criterion are the basis for adding the alternates.  Of course be sure to check the agency FAR supplements which may direct the use of entirely different clauses (and alternates).  Finally be sure to check your agency for Class Deviations, these may also have entire clauses to be used in place of FAR (or agency) provisions or clauses (and may contain alternates for these clauses).

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