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    The following two DIDs have been cancelled but replacement no available. Are you aware when they were cancelled, why and potential replacement DIDs? DI-ALSS-81529 & DI-ALSS-81530 Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    According to ASSIST, the old DI-ALSS-81529 (Logistics Management Information (LMI) Data Product ) and DI-ALSS-81530 (Logistics Management Information (LMI) Summaries) DIDs are officially cancelled.   

    According to US Army Materiel Command Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA), these two DIDs were directly related to, and cite authority from the now-cancelled MIL-PRF-49506 LMI (which was cancelled in March 2011). Both were artifacts left over from that former MIL-PRF, and were past due for cancellation.  They had been left in place for a brief period until all the services concurred with cancellation, and were formally cancelled in July 2013, two years after the MIL-PRF-49506 was cancelled.  

    TechAmerica Standard, GEIA-STD-0007, Logistics Product Data superseded MIL-PRF-49506. See for additional information. In addition, the new MIL-HDBK-502A Product Support Analysis was issued in March 2013 (available at and also serves as a key reference in this area. According to LOGSA, the cancelled artifact DIDs are not cited in MIL-HDBK-502A.  The current DIDs are cited in the updated MIL-HDBK-502A. 

    The current standard for Logistics Product Data (LPD) is GEIA-STD-0007 (Adopted by DoD in Oct 2008).  The two DIDs that support 0007 are: DI-SESS-81758 Logistics Product Data and DI-SESS-81759 Logistics Summaries, these DIDs have been in place since July of 2008.  It is important to note that 502A is focused primarily on the use and implementation of TA-STD-0017 Product Support Analysis, which generates the LPD that these two DIDs support. 

    For additional guidance on how to use these DIDs to acquire LPD please refer to GEIA-HB-0007 Handbook for Logistics Product Data.

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