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    What is the definition of affordability according to BetterBuying Power 2.0?


    One of the best ways to find out information on Better Buying Power 2.0 (BBP) is on a link found on the DAU Homepage  The link is labeled BBP under the Quick Links.  This takes you to the website  On this page you will find the BBP Focus Areas and the first is "Achieve Affordable Programs".  Under this link is the area of the web page on "Initiative: Mandate affordability as a requirement" Currently the first document is "Target Affordability and Control Cost Growth: Mandate Affordability as a Requirement" (PDF, 1/12/2012).  This Power Point presentation references the USD(AT&L) Memo to Acquisition Professionals, 14 September 2010. 

    Affordability is conducting a program at the cost constrained by the maximum resources the Department can allocate for that capability.  In his initial guidance to the acquisition workforce, Dr. Carter defined what he meant by affordability and what we can expect to happen if we can't achieve affordability goals.  Basically, affordability means to manage programs for weapons and information systems without exceeding our available resources. Those resources include funding, schedule, and manpower.  If we fail to live within our resources, we can expect to waste more time, effort and money on cancelled programs: see more budget uncertainty: lose the confidence of taxpayers and our industry partners alike: and, most importantly place our warfighter's lives at risk because we've failed to provide them the weapons they need.

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