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    Where do you document KPPs for programs that uses a Business Case rather than a CDD/CPD?


    Defense Business Systems are covered in DoDI 5000.02 Enclosure 11, as well as Chapter 12 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG). Defense Business Systems do not have a CDD and are not linked to the JCIDS process like traditional acquisition programs, and therefore the term KPP may not be appropriate. However, the Business Case is essentially a requirements documents and includes a Problem Statement, as well as High Level Outcomes, Business Outcomes, and Program Outcomes. These outcomes have threshold and objective values. The Business Case also lists the Critical Success Factors. In addition to the Business Case, the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) would contain the key requirements with threshold and objective values.

    The Business Capability Lifecycle website

    From the BCL memo - Investment Management Phase - "IM Phase activities shall include the analysis necessary to describe the requirements for the materiel solution; the solution scope, objectives, business outcomes, outcome-based performance measures, constraints, and dependencies; the program justification, including assumptions, DOTMLPF impact, critical success factors, risks, detailed cost and benefits including return on investment analysis, funding profile, and delivery schedule; and an acquisition and contracting approach." includes information and templates. You should also be able to get examples of Business Cases and APBs of other defense business systems from the Defense Business Systems Management Committee and/or the Investment Review Board.

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