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    I'm looking for that verbage. Where do I find it, is there something in one of the 5200 series that states this? I remember it from my Acq 101 days, but can't find anything in my archives.


    From the description in your question it appears you are referring to a, "Statement of Limitation of Authority". The statement is a disclaimer used to put contractors on notice that discussion between the contractor and a Government representative will not be contractually binding and that no contractual change will take place unless the contract is modified by the Contracting Officer.
     This is usually found in Contracting Officer Representative (COR) training and DAU acquisition training as a way to avoid constructive changes/unauthorized commitments.  One way to convey this statement would be ..."You are hereby notified that I DO NOT have the authority to direct you in any way to alter your contractual obligation. Further, if the Government, as a result of the information obtained from today’s discussion DOES desire to alter your requirements, changes will be issued in writing and signed by the contracting officer. You should take no action on any change unless and until you receive such a contract modification."  However your organizations contracting shop should put out the approved verbiage for your organization. I hope this helps.

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