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    Whom prepares and signs the Letter of Authorization (PCO or TA)?


    The Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) should sign the Letter of Authorization (LOA).  Why?  The PCO has the authority, the warrant, to contract with industry on behalf of the Government.  You indicate that the person is a “Contractor employee performing in Bahrain.”  Therefore, the PCO is the person to answer for (authorize) that person to be in the country to perform work on the contract.  This is true whether or not the contract or the specific task order has the FAR and DFARS clauses you refer to in your background information. 

    Perhaps instead of those clauses, there is a Special Contract Requirement in Section H of the task order that provides the guidance on the treatment (rules and authorizations) of Contractor employees in the country of Bahrain, the place of performance of the contracted work.  You state that: “PGI 225.74 is not clearly applicable if Bahrain is not designated operation area (Theatre).”  Bahrain is within the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of CENTCOM and, as such, Contractors must also comply with the policies of CENTCOM regarding their employees performing work in the CENTCOM AOR. 

    There is a link in PGI 225.74 ( ) that will take you to the DPAP web site and you may then navigate to the CENTCOM web site (scroll over the map and click) for information on their policies and restrictions.

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