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    It is my understanding that DoDAF products are key to developing and justifying the NR-KPP. May I use the DoDAF products from the LCS MCM Mission Package to develop and justify the NR-KPP for software that is part of the Mission Package? Or do I need to request that the Program Office provide funding for DoDAF development? Thank you.


    DoDAF compliant architectural descriptions can certainly be used to elaborate the information exchange requirements and interoperability design for the LCS MCM Mission Package software. The first thing I would check is if the existing DoDAF architectural descriptions for The MCM Mission Package show where and how the software interfaces with the overall system and external systems. If they do not already show this, then they can be updated. To start, I would review of existing System Views (SV-1 and SV-2) that should show the software and its interfaces with parent MCM Mission Package system and external systems.
    I assume the MCM Mission Package CDD/ISP has a mature set of Operational Views that include a description of operational concept/threads/activities/states (OV-1, OV-2, OV-3, OV-5, OV-6). These threads should be mapped to system functions via and SV-5s and SV-4s. A subset of these functions should be allocated to the software (again, if not already shown in the SVs, they need to be updated). So, if the software is simply fulfilling a subset of the MCM Mission Package Net Ready functions, which should be already captured in the MCM Mission Package DoDAF descriptions, then modifying the MCM Mission Package DoDAF descriptions to include the software will preserve traceability from physical software interfaces, through MCM Mission Package System level interfaces,  to mission level tasks (this is the "IT must support military operations" piece of the NR-KPP).
    Additionally, the MCM Mission Package DoDAF descriptions should show the external networks and communication systems that it must interface with (e.g., SIPRNET, JWICS, etc.). To the extent that the software will be the primary
    driver of these interfaces, the DoDAF descriptions should be updated to describe these interfaces, the standards that are used to implement them, and the associated data exchange performance measures (this is the "enter and be managed" piece and "effectively exchange information" piece" of the NR-KPP requirement).

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