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    When does title transfer to the Government under alternate release procedures?


    DCMA Instruction 314 dated 7 Jan 2013 provides coverage:
    3.2. AUTHORIZE SHIPMENT OF SUPPLIES. Acceptance, as defined by FAR 46.101 (Reference(h)) and by the contract, transfers title of products and supplies to the Government, unless the contract specifically provides for earlier passage of title. In accordance with FAR 46.505(a) (Reference (i)), QA personnel should determine the method of authorizing product shipment and product acceptance; i.e., determine if Certificate of Conformance (CoC) or Alternative Release Procedures (ARP) should be used based on the contractual terms and conditions and supplier performance. When required by the customer, QA Stamping (DCMA-INST 310 Reference (j)) shall be accomplished as defined by the customer.

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