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    How do you determine which contracts can be auto closed and how is the auto close procedure done


    The FAR prescribes that “the contract administration office is responsible for initiating (automated or manual)administrative closeout of the contract after receiving evidence of its physical completion.”  (FAR 4.804-5(a)). 
    The DCMA guidance for contract closeout (DCMA Instruction 135, August 6, 2013, found at details the steps for closeout including the use of the MOCAS system and the MCC eTool to help automate the process.  Instruction 135 details a variety of contractual situations and the processes to undertake in closeout, all of which is too detailed to summarize here, but which you should review in consideration of your specific contract. 
    In the alternative, you may be referring to Quick Closeout, which is detailed in FAR 42.708 and discussed in DCMA instruction 135 as well.

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