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    Can the Government Purchase Card Legally be utilized to procure lodging for 2 personnel in base billeting to support snow removal efforts?


     Yes, per FAR 13.301(a) the Government Purchase Card can legally be utilized for procurements such as lodging.  The question of whether the use of the card was appropriate in this scenario is a separate question all together.  While I won't make a judgment without all the facts, I will provide some criteria I'd use in making an assessment of the situation.  I've also enclosed the address of GPC      related resources on the DPAP website.
    -  Does the GPC training required by my agency for card holders list this purchase as an unauthorized use of the card? (lodging not covered by TDY orders is permissible)
    -  What are the procedures/guidelines my organization has for snow removal operations? 
    -  Do those procedures/guidelines address scenarios when off-installation roadways prevent snow removal personnel from travelling home?
    -  Are the personnel involved in this scenario Contractor's or Government employees?
    - If Contractors, what are the terms and conditions within their contract related to these circumstances?
    - What direction did leadership give the cardholder?
    - And finally, how did the cardholder document/defend the procurement?

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