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    Hello, I had asked this question back on 22 November but have not heard anything back. I am interested in finding out if there is any amplifying guidance regarding when it is appropriate to have certain data items be submitted for approval. I examined DoD 5010.12-M, paragraph C3., as well as your database but couldn't find any further information. It seems that plans, schedules, procedures certainly fall into the "approval" category, but there seems to be a gray area regarding results. In our opinion, results are results, and you cannot really approve or disapprove what a particular contractor found regarding whether or not his hardware passed shock testing for example. All the appropriate groundwork from which results derive should be examined in its relevant procedure, right? Any help here would be appreciated.


    Since we do not have all of the facts pertaining to your requirement, solicitation/contract or contractor(s), the following answer is based solely on the background and question provided.  As we do not have access to the contract folder or particulars that apply to this situation, we highly recommend you consult the Contracting Officer and possibly the Legal Office.
    No regulatory or policy guidance exists within the FAR ,DoD or (it appears) Service level regarding establishment of mandatory government approvals on certain contract deliverables.  However, within a specific buying command, or even at an organizational level below the command level, such policy or guidance may exist, but if so it will be unique to that command or organizational level.

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