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    Other than FAR Part 51, what other sections discuss contractor's authority to use Government Supply Sources? If the Government's intent is for the contractor to be reimbursed for supplies/goods through, a pre-defined (limited) line item on the contract, why should the authorization letter include a MILSTRIP or FEDSTRIP when placing an order against a GSA, DOD Emall, CHESS contract? Are there exceptions to the requirement as outlined in 51.101 - 51.105?


    Any exceptions to the regulations in FAR Part 51 will be stated within that part, we recommend that you also review DFARS 251 and the Army FAR supplement if you are looking for further guidance.  Further reading in DFARS 245.1 may provide guidance on your question regarding the use of MILSTRIP.
    DFARS 245.102 Policy
    paragraph (2) Government supply sources. When a contractor will be responsible for preparing requisitioning documentation to acquire Government-furnished property from Government supply sources, include in the contract the requirement to prepare the documentation in accordance with DoD 4000.25-1-M, Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures ( MILSTRIP). Copies are available from the address cited at PGI 251.102 < 251_1.htm#TopOfPage> .

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