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    Would this be considered a service or some other type of contract? The cost is just under $2,900.00 and cannot exceed $2,500.00 if this is considered and service. I still want to do a contract and not GPC so that I have a legal contract that the vendor has to sign with an indemnification portion and I won't sign their contract.


    According to the DoD Guidebook for the Acquisition of Services:
    A service requirement’s primary purpose is to perform an identifiable task rather than furnish an end item of supply.  Its primary purpose directly engages a contractor’s time and effort.  A service requirement may be either non-personal or personal and performed by professional or nonprofessional workers whether on an individual or organizational basis. 
    If the end result of the job fair is recruiting or communicating, then it may meet the criteria of a service requirement.  One key attribute of service contracts is the supply items are not the purpose of the effort.  The focal point of performance is a task, not a hardware deliverable.  If the end result of the job fair requirement does not engage the contractor’s time and effort other than space rental, it is probably not a service requirement.
    The contract type for the job fair requirement appears to fall within the micropurchase threshold of $3,000.  Please seek your agency guidance on the preferred contract type for purchases that fall within the micropurchase threshold.

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