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    What is the current revision of form DD1387, Military Shipment Label? Which organization controls the form?


    The current version of the DD Form 1387 (Shipment Label, Military) is  JUL 1999.  This is confirmed through the "The Department of Defense (DoD) Forms Management Program" link pasted as of today.
    The form sponsor and POC according to above website is AT&L with a sub-sponsor listed as USTRANSCOM.
    Point of Contact for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Sponsored DD forms
    Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)
    Telephone: (301) 225-6455,
    DSN: 327-5567
    One can find reference to the DD1387 on the TRANSCOM website in the Defense Transportation Regulation – Part II dated 30 October 2013 under Cargo Movement: II-208-18 as Figure 208-4.  It states "Only the exact format shown in Figure 208-4 can be printed and referred to as a DD Form 1387, Military Shipment Label, and it will be used when manual shipment documentation is the only labeling alternative available during emergency Defense Transportation Regulation Cargo Movement operations (when hand-written labels are the only alternative)"  The form shown in figure 208-4 shows JUL 1999.

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