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    My understanding is that commanders are charged to maintain serviceable equipment in quantities set forth on MTOE/TDA documents (REQUIREMENT). By contrast, the CTA is a table of additional equipment authorized for use as necessary (ALLOWANCE). To me, it looks like the road we're going down opens the door for commanders to decrease heavy cargo parachute equipment density over time. Acknowledging that ALVADS will not be centrally funded, and with shrinking unit budgets, commanders will be forced to make procurement tradeoffs. When the G-11 fleet is eventually retired, and insufficient numbers of replacement ALVADS have been bought (due to budgetary challenges and command discretion), sustainers will be unable to meet their obligations as set forth by the Army Universal Task List. Please let me know if this is making any sense. Thank You for any help in giving me any references, or doctrine that would allow us to put our replacement class II equipment on the MTOE being that it is not centrally funded.


    Accordance with Army Regulation 71-32 Force Development; Force Development and Documentation; dated 1 July 2013
    Para 1-1, Equipping. An organization is properly equipped when the organization has the equipment authorized, including major end items; test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE); special tools and test equipment; maintenance floats; and all necessary CTA items.
    7–12, Table of organization and equipment and modified table of organization and equipment
    Only items identified as TOE items by approved BOIPs and reflected in SB 700–20 will be included in TOE and MTOE. Items included in CTA or designated as a CTA item by approved BOIPs and reflected in SB 700–20 will not be included in TOE and MTOE. This exclusion also applies to commercial items listed in SB 700–20 that may be documented in TDA and JTA that will not be included in TOE and MTOE.
    7–14, Common tables of allowances
    a. CTA will include items that are designated as CTA items by approved BOI or type classified in accordance with AR 700–142 and are reflected in SB 700–20. These items either may be type classified or may be exempted from type classification. Examples of CTA items that are exempted from type classification include—
    (4) Expendable/durable items.
    b. Commercially-available items may be included in CTA if the items are non-DA controlled, do not require type classification under provisions of AR 700–142, and if repair parts and maintenance services are to be obtained from local sources or furnished exclusively from sources other than the Army wholesale supply system. CTA proponents will obtain type classification and SLIN assignment exemption concurrence exemption from the supporting AMC
    LCMC. If the commercial items are exempt from type classifying (AR 700–142) and cataloging (AR 708–1), they will be assigned a NSLIN, if required to support formal property accountability and footnoted for local procurement.
    Common Tables of Allowances
    7–60, General
    a. A CTA is an authorization document for items of materiel which are required for common Army wide use by individuals, MTOE, TDA, or JTA unit and activities. Army wide use is defined as required by more than one unit or its organizational elements, facilities, activities, or individuals (except items in CTA 50–909, which are one-of-a-kind for ceremonial units). CTA equipment is not considered to be minimum mission essential wartime requirements.
    7–61, Common tables of allowances policies
    a. Items authorized by a CTA will not be reflected in the equipment section of a MTOE, TDA, or JTA. However, to identify additional authorization documents, CTA numbers and titles will be shown in Section I of MTOE, TDA, and JTA (see SLAMIS for current table).
    b. Use of the CTA as an authorization depends on whether the individual, unit, or activity meets the authorization conditions and provisions stated in the basis of issue and footnotes that apply to the item.
    c. Authorization of an item by the CTA will not serve as the basis for requesting an increase in funds to purchase the item. Rather, the item will compete for funds allocated to the organization.
    Note:  To find out more about MTOE, TDA, CTA and other authorizations/requirements documents. Please visit the following website.
    Force Management System Web Site (FMSWeb)
    FMSWeb Documents Include:
    (TDA / TOE / MTOE / CTA / JTA)


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