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    Is there a mapping available of Air Force EEICs to FDS Product Services Codes?


    The question is concerning a crosswalk between AF EEIC and FDS Product Service Codes there is a website at that may provide some information.  A CAC is required for access. Select EEIC from the "Select Data Element" dropdown box.  The information may have to come from the AF Comptroller or DFAS.
    DFAS-DE 7010.1-R
    Chapter 2
    Section A--General
    2-1. Definition of Terms. AFM 11-1, volume I, defines many of the terms used in this regulation. The following terms are frequently used in this directive:
    a. Budget Program Activity Code (BPAC). A six-position alphanumeric code established for a classification below appropriation level to identify major budget programs and activities. It is applicable to procurement and RDT&E appropriations.
    b. Budget Authorization Account Number (BAAN). A three-position code to identify individual approved construction projects. It pertains to military construction and military family housing appropriations.
    c. Accounts Receivable Sales Code. A two-or three-position alphanumeric code that identifies the customer or activity or fund from which reimbursement is made. It applies to appropriation reimbursement transactions within Air Force appropriation and fund codes.
    d. Current Year O&M Appropriation Obligation Authority. The O&M obligation authority as shown on the current fiscal year operating budget authority (OBA) documents. The OBA is accounted for in terms of major force program/budget authorization (MFP/BA), program element, functional category, responsibility center/cost center, element of expense investment account, and contracted advisory and assistance services code. It includes amounts for both the direct and reimbursable programs.
    e. Direct Program Obligations. Gross fiscal year-to-date obligations by MFP/BA minus year-to-date reimbursable obligation. Represents obligations incurred in the operation of facilities, purchase of materials, etc., in direct support of unit missions and for which reimbursement will not be received. Direct program authority for a particular fiscal year is a legal limitation on an annual basis if so stated on the OBA document.
    f. Element of Expense/Investment Code (EEIC). A five-digit alphanumeric code consisting of two parts: a three-digit account code followed by a two-digit subaccount code to provide a further shred-out. The codes are designed for use in budget preparations and accounting systems to identify the nature of services and items acquired for immediate consumption (expense) or capitalization (investment). EEICs are used as part of the accounting classification in accounting for commitment, obligation, disbursement, collection, and international balance of payment transactions. EEICs identify the nature of services and items acquired for immediate consumption or capitalization. Generally, MAJCOMs/FOAs/DRUs may assign two-digit subaccount codes for their accounting requirements.
    I could not find a crosswalk of EEIC codes to FDS Product Service Codes posted online.  You will needs to contact the Command Comptroller or DFAS to try to obtain a crosswalk of the AF EEIC and the FDS Product Service Codes.

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