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    If the supplier fails to comply and does not either report or reports late the acceptance or rejection, is the orgionator of the rated order non-complaint with the DPAS regulation?


    If the prime's supplier fails to comply and does not either report, or reports late, the acceptance or rejection, "the prime is also in violation of complying with the DPAS notification requirement (15 CFR 700 Part 700.13). Keep in mind that a prime is responsible for managing his sub-tier suppliers and in the case of rated orders, and assuming proper flow down through the prime's purchase order, the prime needs to make sure that the sub understands the importance of DPAS notification requirements. The prime's subs have no direct involvement with the customer, the sub's responsibility is to notify the prime and in turn it's the prime is responsible to notify the customer.  Although we can delegate surveillance at a sub tier supplier, action in the form of a DPAS CAR, can only be taken against the prime."

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