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    The program acquisition strategy states the item is a CTA item ordered based on demand and there is no initial fielding. The item is not consumed on use and the determination has not been made whether or not the item will be officially classified as a CTA Item or which CTA it will be listed in; however, initial indicators point toward the item being listed in CTA 50-909 Field and Garrison Furnishings and Equipment. Need to know, as a CTA item, is a OMS/MP required. Thank you.


    Referencing some earlier information about the OMS/MP might help you.

    Some historical information about the OMS/MP is found here:

    And some older guidance directly from the Army's TRADOC can be found here... it's dated, but most likely still relevant, as this appears to be a service-specific question:

    In general, the answer to your question is yes.  If your item is its own ACAT program, it is more than likely irrelevant that the item will be on the CTA.  If your item in question is THE item being acquired then it should follow the guidance as outlined in the recently released Interim DoDI 5000.02 and the OMS/MP is required to be updated at each Milestone review (assuming that is the reason for asking this question, then the general answer is yes).
    In that document it states:  "The OMS/MP will include the operational tasks, events, durations, frequency, operating conditions and environment in which the recommended materiel solution is to perform each mission and each phase of a mission. The OMS/MP will be provided to the Program Manager and will inform development of the plans for the next phase including: acquisition strategy, test planning, and capability requirements trades. It will be provided to industry as an attachment for the next acquisition phase RFP."
    The relationship of the OMS/MP to the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) is intrinsically important to the acquiring organization (for development) as well as those who have to sustain it.  This document should describe how a system or training device will be used in wartime and/or peacetime at the time it is fielded with focus on the future.  Information in an OMS/MP presents a structured, quantitative picture of annual equipment usage.

    If the generator you mention is not the specific subject being acquired by the ACAT III program, then it’s possible your individual service may have other rules governing this documents applicability.  In any case, you may want to check with your service’s Acquisition Executive in order to get a more precise answer.  They potentially may have the authority to waiver this requirement (although I’m not sure why they would want to).


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