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    Do I have to set aside the action for Small Business? I was told that i had to issue the RFQ to all vendors under the ITES-2H. In addition, since we are mandated by AR 25-1 to use CHESS as a source for all Information Technology (IT) requirements, is additional market research necessary? Regarding the installation/maintenance/training on the equipment, since these are ancellary to the VTC equipment, I do not think i need a Service Contract Agreement (SCA). Is this correct? Any information regarding the processes of CHESS would be helpful. I have researched the CHESS site and guidelines already. Thank you!


    For CHESS specific questions, please contact CHESS at 1-888-232-4405 or email at

    The ITES-2H guidelines ( for under SAT say to follow FAR 16.505, which is that the contacting officer may, at his/her discretion, set aside orders for small business concerns.  For orders over SAT, the contracting officer may still set aside orders for small businesses (See FAR 215-371-4(a)(3) and 16.505 (b)(2)(i)(F)).

    Additional market research on your requirement is necessary to determine if the 2 small business can provide your requirement at a fair market price. 

    IAW FAR 22.1003-1, if the principal purpose of your requirement is not to furnish services, then the SCA would not apply.  FAR 22.1003-4(c)(1)&(2) contains regulations on Contracts for maintenance, calibration or repair of certain equipment.  Research these cites in making your decision on whether the SCA applies.

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