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    What should we have in a TTA for efficient yet effective transfer of RDTE, from one Army office to another? I recognize that there is probably some best practices, some basic informaiton that is needed, and room for a lot of situationally dependent variations, however I have not been able to find anything on the topic.


    Firstly, there is no specified format for a Technology Transition Agreement (TTA).  Probably the best guide is the attached JCTD Transition Desk Reference at, which would apply in your case as well (just delete references to JCTD's).  The recommended format begins on Page 9.  I've also aincluded a PowerPoint presentation from one of our courses just to assist as well. 

    Finally, your goal as the S&T
    organization should be to ensure that the PM understands what you will provide (and the program office to understand what it needs to provide) to meet the requirements at whichever Milestone you both expect the technology to transition to, i.e. MDD, Milestone A, Milestone B, etc.  Enclosure 1 of the new Interim DoD 5000.02 lists all the Statutory and Regulatory requirements for each Milestone by ACAT level to assist you in ensuring a smoother transition.

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