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    Good afternoon, I was a COR Level I at DHS and recently arrived at DoD. There will soon be a need for me to support a rebid of a contract. How would I go about converting or transferring my certification to DoD? Would there be gaps in training that I would need to fill prior to that? Thank you, Lilly


    This is a good question and one we receive often in different variations.  The quick answer is – the certification will/does not transfer.  Because, unlike our Civilian Agency counterparts and the FAC-COR requirements, DoD does not have a “COR Certification program”.  In DoD, CORs do not receive a certificate that states they’re a level I, II, or III COR.
    In DoD we have a COR qualification program.  What authorizes an individual to be designated a COR on a contract(s) or order(s) is the training and experience the individual has.  The only certificate a COR will receive is from the training courses they complete.
    Currently, the DoD COR Handbook Appendix C outlines the minimal training requirements needed for CORs and they depend on the nature of the requirement being put on contract.  In short we have three types of requirements:
    Type A – Low performance risk
    Type B – Increased performance risk and/or a contract that is not Firm Fixed Price or has incentives.
    Type C – Requires unique or specialized knowledge (e.g. Medical or Architect and Engineering contracts, etc.)
    Minimal COR specific training needs: Type A (CLC 106 COR with a mission focus), Type B & C (CLC 222 Contracting Officer’s Representative Course, or the classroom version – COR 222).
    The DoD COR HDBK, Appendix C has a more detailed description of the Type A/B/C requirements and the other (non COR specific) minimal training and experience requirements for each type.  The HDBK is available at this link:
    You may not have to take additional COR specific training again if you have completed the above courses within the last three years OR if you have taken an equivalent course in the last three years.  To see if any of your previous training is considered to be an equivalent course you can search for this at the DAU iCatalog, Equivalency program page located at this link:
    Finally, a new DoD Instruction on the COR Program is due to be published soon.  The Instruction will clarify and codify the training and experience requirements needed by COR personnel, among other things.

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