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    The contractor submits the ammo data into the WARP system for a certified ammo inspector to review and accept. Once accepted the contractor is required to attach the certified acceptance of the review as a document to a WAWF RR. The CDRL requires the electronic submission in WAWF to be inspected at source and accepted at destination. Who is responsible for signing off on the WAWF RR for Ammo Data Card CRDLs when the inspection is at source? There is a debate between the QAR who is assigned to the contract and the Ammo Certified Inspector who signed the WARP Review. Both are saying the other is responsible for the WAWF RR inspection. Sincerely, Andrea Taylor


    I have an answer but this is dependent upon the contract itself. Depending on how the contract is worded it could go either way and without the contract at hand, it is hard to determine. Looking at the question from the point of acceptance; The individual verifying the components during the final assembly of the item is ultimately the person responsible for signing the ADC. They are the ones that verify the lot numbers of the components being used to assemble the complete round and if there is a change to the lot number of the components during production, they are there to verify the correct lot number is being used and document them. They sign the release stating that they have verified that the components used are in fact itemized on the ADC.

    The information inserted into the WAWF RR is based on the accepted ADC with the identified components and their quantities. The information is transferred over to the system and the ADC is submitted as the document of verification. It remains with the item until it is demilitarized at the end of its life cycle or if a modification is made in which if a new component is changed out, the ADC is updated to reflect the new item.

    I am not sure this answers the question. The contract should state who has the approval authority.

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