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    Are there other cycle time data for less complex purchases ? Do you have cycle times for product purchases, or software licenses, less complex services or software maintenance ? Looking for just the cycle time for performing the 1st phase of acquisition, but if you have cycle time to award, that would be alright. I am looking for a benchmark for the data we have been caputing.


    Most procurement (contracting) organizations have a standard set of Procurement Administrative Lead Times and Acquisition Lead Times (PALTs and ALTs) based on such things as dollar value, complexity, competitive vs. sole source, etc.  These times are established by data collected and they vary from one contracting organization to another.  We recommend you check for the PALTs/ALTs with your local procurement office or those offices which support your efforts. 

    In addition, we recommend  your acquisition process include engaging with the contracting officer even before "delivering an actionable package to the contracting officer."  This will enable the contracting team to see the market research accomplished (to gain understanding of the price estimate and commerciality), the acquisition risks (to gain an understanding of the solicitation method and contract type), and the requirements documents (to gain an understanding of how complex the evaluation and award process will be). The contracting team should be involved with these processes since they  typically drive the acquisition lead time.

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