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    Are basket SPOs still an officially recognized structure? Can you send me information about how they are set up?


    Program offices can be organized into different structures: functional, product and matrix model. Basket System Program Office (SPO) is an unofficial term for an organizational structure based on the product model, is an organizational arrangement in which a number of similar products are produced and main divisions of the organization are each responsible for one of the products.  The overall organization is headed by a Program Manager with subordinate Program Managers heading each main division.  These similar products could be ships, aircraft, missiles, vehicles, tanks, etc. These main divisions are functionally organized (system engineering, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, business management, etc.), and the assigned personnel are expected to handle any workload demands of the program.


    .           Advantages: (1) PM has direct control over subordinates, (2)  Employee usually has just one boss, (3) There is depth and some breadth in expertise, and (4) PM is usually able to respond to a surge in workload. 

    .           Disadvantages: (1) Relatively expensive to maintain (people cost), (2) Tendency toward inefficient use of people, and (3) Currency of expertise tends to suffer due to limited technical exchange opportunities. 


    You can find a generic product structure at:


    The above is general information to help you, but there is no formal direction on how to set up a Product Model/Basket SPO. Your organization should do what makes sense based on higher Headquarters guidance from the specific service/command authority.  And,  ince there is no official guidance, you are encouraged to contact DAU for Mission Assistance support to help you with this process.


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