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    Does DAU have system safety manager classroom training? If not, how would one request or propose that such a class be developed to address this gap? I'm concerned that both AFSPC and AFMC program office system safety managers are not offered training opportunities at a consistent level as what's done for other systems engineering areas (e.g., test and evaluation, requirements management, software, etc), but also that there is a general lack of training in this area (AF/SE and the AF Safety Center does not provide any system safety manager training) Standardized DoD training in this area would seem appropriate, value added, and needed.


    All of the DAU resident and on line training can be found in the DAU catalogue, on line at

    There is also targeted training available covering specific topics which  can be tailored to the organization's specific needs. These can also be found in the online catalogue.  Targeted training requests should be made to the Assistant Dean for Outreach and Mission Assistance (ADOMA) of the region that supports the particular organization. 

    The DAU resident courses support DAWIA certification requirements.  The course content is driven by the Functional Integrated Product Team  and OSD leadership for the functional area/career field.  So, if you believe the topic should be part of DAWIA certification requirements, you would need to work through your Agency chain of command for support to pursue the request at the OSD level.  However, if you believe that periodic training would suffice, you can contact the appropriate DAU ADOMA.  However, since there may be costs  associated with DAU training being brought to your organization, be sure to work through your chain of command prior to making the request. 

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