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    I've been directed to draft a Standard Working Procedure (SWP) to be used by my division to delineate the proper usage of Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) in accepting invoices. My logistics office employs specialists that work both FMS and domestic programs. We also employ interns. I've been told this SWP would be used for reference by all employees of the division. When I asked for a charge number to cover the time it would take me to complete the SWP I was told to charge to one of my FMS programs. When I suggested this may be improper use of FMS case funding I was told it was permissible to charge this to an FMS case because the work I would be performing falls under employee development necessary to complete my duties. Is this correct? Can I make this kind of administrative charge directly to a case? If so, what is the reference that permits it?


    I suggest that you send your question to the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM).  DISAM is the school that teaches the specifics of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and your question directly falls within the rules for charging to FMS cases.  There may be specific limits or allowances under the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) that cover your question.  It is easy to ask DISAM a question as they have a similar program to DAU’s Ask-A-Professor called Ask an Instructor.  Visit their web site at: and click on “Ask an Instructor” on the top right of the page to submit your question.  Good luck.

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