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    What is the best source of NSN and pricing information on aircraft transparencies. Current contract pricing is desirable, and most recent contract pricing is also desirable if no current contract exists. Am I even in the right place in the DoD portion of the Internet to find this information. Thank you! Kevin Roach, UDRI 937-229-3009


    "WebFLIS" now has a new url:  As of February 24, 2014, WebFLIS is still managed by the Defense Logistics Agency, and allows searches by keyword "canopy," and revealed many types of canopies, searchable by description, NSN, and part number.  Historical prices paid were also included in the records.
    Beyond this, our research did not reveal another data base for researching historical acquisition of aircraft transparencies.  Depending on the purpose of your research, recommend engaging personnel in DoD buying offices, or even aircraft transparency contractors and subcontractors for the most recent purchases of such transparencies.

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