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    Can you confirm the nessity of a PR for every contract action since this one is a Cost Plus Award Fee? In my opinion, an email is not legal sufficient to initiate an action from a mission manager. I've been trained customer money reallocation has to be approved by: 1) the customer for reallocation, 2) Program Control to avoid antideficiency and 3) the PCO. How does the PCO prove that the funds are appropriated for the right Accounting Line, ACRN, and PC is verifying the accuracy of the transaction? To me, the contractor is not responsible for the balance of funds, only that they are not operating in the rears. Can you send me the answer and FAR/DFAR references for funding documents and deobligation. Thank you,


    We strongly recommended that you contact your financial management office to ensure that you are properly adhering to the rules for the funding account.

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