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    Does changing from a Full Materiel Release to a Conditional Materiel Release constitute an APB Breach if the CMR is obtained within the original schedule as an FMR?


    The Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Chapter 2, Section 2.1.1. The Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) and DoD Instruction 5000.02 requires every program manager to propose and document program goals prior to, and for approval at, program initiation for all Acquisition Category (ACAT) programs. The APB satisfies the requirements in 10 USC 2435 and 10 USC 2220 for ACAT I Programs. The APB is an important document for program management and should reflect the approved program being executed. The APB parameter values should represent the program as it is expected to be developed, produced and/or deployed, sustained and funded.
    Each Service/Agency has its own unique operational requirements, support concepts, or materiel fielding processes. Whether changing from a Full Material Release (FMR) to a Condition Material Release (CMR) is an APB breach would depend on several things, one of which is whether this particular parameter (quantity, date, time, location, etc.) is captured in the Schedule portion of the APB. Another consideration is whether the change from FMR to CMR affects the Full Rate Production Decision Review (FRPDR) and Initial Operational Capability (IOC). Both of these parameters would definitely be captured in the APB. If the implementation of this change drops those parameters below their threshold values, then an APB breach would occur.
    Without knowing any other details about your program, at the very least, one would think that the Material Release (MR) package, to include the Material Fielding Plan (MFP) has to be revised, reviewed, coordinated and approved by appropriate authorities (Milestone Decision Authority (MDA), Material Release Authority (MRA) and Material Release Office (MRO), etc.) for that program, the intended end-user, and any other stakeholders that may be affected by this change. This MR and MFP revision should address the programmatic aspects of the CMR and the get-well plan to achieve a FMR (when, what, where, how, etc.). Finally, if you have not already done so, would recommend having a discussion with the PM to get amplifying guidance to determine the best way forward.

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