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    Were in the FAR, DFARS, and PGI'sstates that a letter should be sent to the contractors when their Propeerty Management System is compliant.


    Great question!  In accordance with DFARS 245.105 Contractor's property management system compliance, contracting officers are required to notify a contractor in writing when their property management system is acceptable and approved. 

    DFARS 245.105(d)(1) Disposition of findings - Reporting of findings states "The property administrator shall document findings and recommendations in a report to the contracting officer. If the property administrator identifies any significant property system deficiencies, the report shall describe the deficiencies in sufficient detail to allow the contracting officer to understand the deficiencies." 

    DFARS 245.105(d)(2)(i) Disposition of findings - Initial determination addresses circumstances in which there are no significant property system deficiencies identified.  It states "The contracting officer shall review findings and recommendations and, if there are no significant deficiencies, shall promptly notify the contractor, in writing, that the contractor’s property management system is acceptable and approved..."

    Contracting officers shall also notify the contractor in writing when the contractor's property management system is acceptable and approved when significant property management system deficiencies were identified, but no longer remain in accordance with DFARS 245.105(d)(3)(i)(A) Final determination. DFARS 245.105(f) Contracting officer notifications states "The cognizant contracting officer shall promptly distribute copies of a determination to approve a system, disapprove a system and withhold payments, or approve a previously disapproved system..."

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