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    Should they have a MRC and Recoverability Code for provisioning purposes other than "ZZ"?


    Per AR 700-82, Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source Maintenance and Recoverability Codes, dated 10 October 2007, the uniform service has the responsibility for determining which end items and support items are assigned an SMR code. 

    Responsibilities can be found in Chapter 2, paragraph 2-3, b and c.  An excerpt of those paragraphs follows:  b.  Uniform  SMR  codes  will  be  assigned  to  support  items  during  the  initial  acquisition  phase  of  end  items  of
    material. These codes may also be applied to end items already in the supply system, to support items already in the supply  system  or  to  support  items  entering  the  supply  system  after  initial  acquisition  of  the  end  item.
    c.  Using military Services/PAs will be responsible for the assignment of SMR codes to end items and support items. Recommendations on the coding of support items may be requested from contractors or vendors. When requested from a contractor, an approving agency for the SMR coding effort shall be identified. Upon approval of the SMR code, no changes to the coding that affect the recoverability (spare to repair part or repair part to spare) will be implemented without a review of the life cycle cost impact considering all required support resources. The using military Services/ PAs  may  delegate  coding  responsibility  to  the  procuring  military  Service/PA  by  mutual  written  agreement.

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