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    Do we have to fill out a DD1597 along with the DD 1594? I understand that we fill out a DD1597 if the contract exceeds the SAT, but after further review of the form itself, I do not think it is needed since we used SAP. In Box 6 of the DD1597, it states Milestones/Calender Months after Physical Completion- Reference Far Part 4.804-1. It asks to select a category, 2, 3, or 4. When you reference FAR 4.804-1, it shows the 4 categories and tells you when to select depending on the type of contract. Cat 1 states that if using SAP, to close out the contract after completion. Well, there is no option for Cat 1 on the 1597, so I'm thinking it does not need to be done on this particular contract since SAP was used. Is this the right thinking on this? I don't think this pat of the FAR took into account the Test Program for Commercial Items at FAR 13.5.


    Yes, you must complete the DD Form 1597. "Exceeding the SAT" and using simplified acquisition procedures are two different things as far as the FAR and DFARS are concerned. The SAT is $150,000. When the regulations direct you to do something if your acquisition is above the SAT, then it is the dollar value (not the method of contracting) that you must key on. However, if a regulation states that an action does not have to be performed if the acquisition is conducted using simplified acquisition procedures, then the acquisition is exempt when FAR 13.5 applies. Otherwise, it's the dollar value of the SAT (currently $150,000) that governs.

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